Meet our selectors.
Henry & Walburg.

Our selectors have been raised in a tobacco environment for several generations and possess highly trained senses of sight, taste and smell. They are continuously travelling the world looking for the exquisite tobacco that makes all the difference, carefully selecting tobacco based on quality, taste, aroma and burning capacity. Below you can explore the most important tobacco-producing countries and areas that are source of our VCF cigars.

Henry and Walburg allocate the new tobacco selections to our different brands and cigars. Trials for new cigar developments, as well as our existing products, are tested regularly by our cigar panel. We do all this in order to guarantee a constant, premium quality that meets the VCF standard.

Let the testing begin! The appearance of the cigar is very important, from the evenness of the colour and the quality of the wrapper to the feeling of the leaf. And of course we pay extra attention to the way the cigar burns, the smoothness and evenness of the draw, the colour, and, last but not least, the aroma of each and every blend. This results in each blend having its own distinct flavour profile.

Colour evenness Aroma intensity Firmness Feel Draw Impact Richness Creamy Sweetness Bitterness Burn rate Aftertaste intensity

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