Sri Lanka
The processing of tobacco at UTP.

Sri Lanka

Established in 1986

2403 Employees

It all starts at our UTP factory in Katunayake, Sri Lanka. The freshly bought tobacco is stored at 15°C, before getting humidified and sorted. The leaves are cut and placed on clean bobbins. These bobbins are quality checked, packed, frozen at -20°C and loaded for shipment to our factory in Handzame, Belgium. We process over 450 tons of raw tobacco annually, shipping a total of 130 containers back and forth between Sri Lanka and Belgium. UTP is also where our J. Cortès and Country cigar ranges are produced and packed.

"Whether it’s bobbins or finished cigars, our over 1.800 Cortésiens – locally known as the United Tobacco Processors – have one goal: delivering world-class quality only."

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