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Ten stories.

J. Cortès

Our premium cigar in a distinctive blue tin or cardboard box. Coming in a whole range of forms from cigarillos to coronas, each consists of 100% specially selected tobacco.
J. Cortès cigars are soft, round and have a perfectly balanced aroma.


Our 100% wild tobacco cigars distinguish themselves by a rough fire-end. They are filled by hand and come in different sizes, packed in either a cardboard box or a tin.


The cigar connoisseur’s favourite cigarillo comes in a plethora of flavours. Packed in a tin box, each Neos combines premium taste with a good price to provide an everyday smoking pleasure.


Our most affordable cigar still features a 100% tobacco leaf wrapper, setting it apart from its competition. Available with or without aroma and in different sizes, they come packed in cardboard.


The latest addition to our family, the Perla de Calvano is a handmade cigar rolled by local craftsmen in Nicaragua. The blend has been praised for its accessible aroma and easy smoking. The Calvano comes in two varieties: corona and robusto.


Every Oliva cigar contains a piece of rich history dating as far back as 1886. The Oliva story is one of family, tradition and expert craftsmanship utilizing only the finest quality tobacco. Cigar lovers will taste that piece of history which is found in each cigar, hand rolled exactly the same way for centuries. Each draw of your Oliva cigar will transport you to the tobacco fields of Nicaragua. If you close your eyes you will hear the rustling of the leaves; let the delicious aromas captivate you. Don’t take our word for it... Go ahead and light your Oliva. You will experience for yourself the complexity of Nicaragua’s finest tobaccos blended lovingly with the unique softness of Sumatra wrappers from Ecuador. This is your moment, with your cigar and a piece of history.


Considered one of the most innovative cigar concepts, Nub is a line of short, stout and well-filled smokes blended to capture the perfect essence of a cigar. These cigars are completely made by hand with densely packed long filler, allowing each stick to burn slowly while maintaining a smoking time comparable to conventional sizes ranging from Robusto to Presidente.


Making a Straight Ligero cigar requires a unique understanding of the leaf. Ligero comes from the top of the tobacco plant. Its direct exposure to the sun darkens and thickens the leaf. Smaller than leaves lower on the plant, it also enjoys a concentration of nutrients. Habano Seed Ligero is recognized as the most full flavored leaf. Additionally, the region in which this Habano Seed is grown plays a significant role in its flavor and strength.

De Olifant

The well-known cigar brand 'De Olifant' was founded by Mr. H. van der Sluis. He wanted to start producing cigars in his own way. Through his experience within the tobacco industry, he had the following goal in mind: high quality with low quantity. This dream was realized in the Voorstraat in Kampen. Until today, this historic cigar factory is still there, and cigars are produced with love and in a traditional way.


After decades of tutelage under Cuba’s finest, Rolando Reyes founded Aliados. Rolando had a simple vision, a high-quality cigar that was not only enjoyable but affordable.Embracing the heritage, Aliados Original has been resurrected in Honduras under those same principles, utilizing the original blend that Rolando Reyes perfected nearly 70 years ago.

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